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Are you a retailer of consumer goods looking for quality, high-margin products? Doba, a leading platform for drop ship products, has been recognized as the most trusted solution in the industry. We are constantly on the prowl for wholesale suppliers who offer high quality products, like these computer audio, at the lowest available prices, so you don't have to shop around for suppliers on your own. Additionally, getting started with Doba means you won't have to set up hundreds of separate supplier accounts or negotiate complex fees and terms - we've taken care of all that for you.

Computer Audio
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Audiophile 192 Hi-Def Aud Card SupplierAudiophile 192 Hi-Def Aud Card Supplier
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Audiophile 2496 Audio Card SupplierAudiophile 2496 Audio Card Supplier
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BX5 D2 SupplierBX5 D2 Supplier
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Delta 44 4-in/4-out Audio Card DistributorDelta 44 4-in/4-out Audio Card Distributor
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Delta 66 6-in/6-out Audio Card DistributorDelta 66 6-in/6-out Audio Card Distributor
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FAST TRACK C400 SupplierFAST TRACK C400 Supplier
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Fast Track Pro (w/Pro Tools SE DistributorFast Track Pro (w/Pro Tools SE Distributor
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Fast Track USB II (w/ Pro Tool DistributorFast Track USB II (w/ Pro Tool Distributor
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Keyrig 49 USB Keyboard SupplierKeyrig 49 USB Keyboard Supplier
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M-Audio UNO USB MIDI Interface SupplierM-Audio UNO USB MIDI Interface Supplier
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Pro Tools MP + Fast Track C400 SupplierPro Tools MP + Fast Track C400 Supplier
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What our clients are saying:

Doba represents 6070% of my business I started my business based on Doba and I'll continue growing it using Doba. In summer, my store gets about 200300 orders a month but in winter it can reach 800 especially around the holiday season. Margin wise, I won't complain after all fees paid I'm around 15% which is very good in my specialty of consumer electronics.
-Pierre Merlin, Member Since: February 2007

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